Re: [NTLK] Newton Rarity?

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Thu Oct 18 2007 - 09:07:29 EDT

These are certainly rare, but they do show up on eBay from time to
time. They don't seem to sell for much more than the equivalent 2x00.
On the 2x00 the language is on the ROM board and though the chi-p set
in the DVT units was often different you should be able to use a 2x00
ROM board. Be aware that starting the unit with a different rom
board will erase all memory including system patches.


On Oct 17, 2007, at 9:26 PM, Albert wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I just purchased a Messagepad 2000 off of eBay. It
> ended up to actually be a MP2000 DVT, however the
> language for the Newton is German! The unit is in
> absolute MINT condition and even includes the DVT2
> Battery Pack.
> Does anybody know if this is a rare Newton or not?
> I've seen DVT's before, but not in German.
> Can this unit be reflashed to English? I also notice
> that the Flash memory only has 3.5 megs.

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