[NTLK] IrOBEX: TX and MP2100

From: t-na <tnatran_at_sprintpcs.com>
Date: Mon Oct 29 2007 - 16:31:06 EDT

I forgot how to reply to the list so I hope this will show up in the appropriate topic heading.
This is regarding beaming from the Newton MP2100 to the Palm TX (and laptop).
Thanks to the information on the Unicode, I found a workaround that allows me to beam notes from my MP2100 to my Palm TX and Toshiba Portege.

I use IrOBEX to beam notes from the Newton to the Portege as a .txt file. Instead of opening the file with Notepad or Wordpad, I right-click on the file and "Open With" Microsoft Word. File conversion is automatically done, with default to "Other encoding: Unicode (Big-Endian)." And the preview window showed the notes; click OK and I get my notes from Newton. I can work on the file then save as a rich text file.

As for the Palm TX, if I set Document To Go as the default to receive beamed files, any memos or notes beamed from the Newton goes into DocToGo. I don't understand the next bit (I'm not a prgorammer) but I guess DocToGo can read Unicode because the same notes that were unreadable in Palm Memos, are now in a text or word document.

There are freewares UniDec 1.1.1 (Palmgear) and UnicodeData (Sourceforge) that are supposed to assist for Palm address and memos database. But I did not try them when I found that DocToGo works fine. My main use with the Newton was for notes anyway so I did not need to be able to beam addresses etc...

For the Palm TX, the beam seems to only work with the Notes from Newton, not the Checklist or Outline. Whereas, the Portege laptop was able to receive all 3 formats (except you lose the checkbox feature).

Anyway, I don't know if any of this makes sense to anyone :). All I know is that I can finally quickly get my notes from my Newton to my Palm and Laptop without having to go through the Dock or emailing it.

FWIW, this method does not work with the Treo 755p. Even when I beam to DocToGo, the Newton beam still resets the Treo. (shrug)

Eckhart, thank you for that bit of info on the Unicode!
And to a lot of others on the list who've contributed to the archive. Lots of useful information and tips.

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