Re: [NTLK] [OT] OS 9 help needed.

From: Walter Remson <>
Date: Wed Apr 02 2008 - 00:19:46 EDT

You first have to make sure you have the following configuration.

Appletalk in the control panel on your computer set to the printer
port (not modem)

Set the communication port in NCU is set to the same port

If you have installed and/or used a wireless card in you Newton you
will need to change the Appletalk setting from Ethertalk to LocalTalk
(not an issue if you have not EVER installed the wireless drivers)

Ensure that you are using an Apple Printer cable and not just a
Serial Cable. You can ID the cable by looking at connection ends
where you find opposing arrows on the connection ends not just the
Apple logo.

You will need to start NCU on your Wallstreet first and make the
connect between your Newton and laptop computer. Next goto the Dock
app on your Newton and select Appletalk and not any of the serial
baud rates.

You will next see a window with the following options:
"Connect via Appletalk"
"Connect to ??????"

Tap the "Connect to" diamond and you will presented with a drop-down
menu and select "Other computer"
This should allow your Newton to find your computer and display it's
name in the menu. Tap the name and select the close box.

Next tap the connect button and your Newton should be connected your

Good Luck :-)

On Apr 1, 2008, at 10:14 PM, Daniel Jagendorf wrote:

> On Apr 1, 2008, at 9:20 AM, wrote:
>> Hi again,
>> I'm still unable to connect either of my Newtons to my
>> WallStreet
>> PowerBook running OS 9.2.2. I have followed the directions
>> exactly as
>> outlined in the manual for NCU - I've even tried a fresh install of
>> it.
>> Here's the situation: When I try to dock one of my Newtons
>> (either one
>> - a 2000U or a 2100) it refuses to see the serial connection. I
>> start the
>> computer with the device hooked up: Dongle into Newton, then Serial
>> cable
> Make sure the Newton is turned off before you plug in the dongle.
> Plugging in will wake the newt: it won't see the dongle otherwise.
> You should have everything else attached to begin with (the computer
> on, ncu running, serial cable plugged into your serial port, etc.
> Make sure the setting in dock is for plain "Serial", no speeds no
> nothing.
> In preferences for ncu make sure it's set to your serial port.
>> into WallStreet and then into Newton. Turn on computer. Start
>> NCU. Open
>> "Properties" - select "Printer / Modem" port. Click OK. Open
>> "Dock" on the
>> Newt. Select "Serial". Try "Connect" - and... Nothing! Error
>> message
>> given says that the connection was stopped because there was no
>> response.
>> That's the same error I keep getting when I try to connect using
>> NCX on
>> either of my OS X Macs. I don't think it's the cable because I have
>> another
>> one and same story with that one.
> Again, make sure preferences for ncx is set to look for the correct
> port on your serial adapter.
> (if you're still set up for classic there can also be issues between
> which OS is using the adapter)
> Make sure you have the latest drivers for your adapter.
> Use the plain serial set in dock.
> Use the dongle to wake your newton with the cable already connected at
> both ends.
>> Could both of my serial cables be bad? I bought them from a
>> cable
>> wholesaler. Both have all eight pins as advertised and are
>> straight. Is
>> there a difference between your average Newton Mac serial cable or
>> do I have
>> to have some special one? I know the dongle works because my
>> keyboard works
>> with it just fine.
>> This is really irritating. Any OS 9 gurus out there care to
>> help a
>> novice out? OS X no problem. OS 9 and I'm lost!
>> Thanks for any advice you can provide.
>> Scott Hoffman
> Dan Jagendorf
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