Re: [NTLK] [OT] OS 9 help needed.

From: Tim Breitberg <>
Date: Fri Apr 04 2008 - 10:31:19 EDT

I just got OS 10.4 shoe-horned onto the same model Wallstreet you have.
If the hard drive is over 8GB you have to partition it with the first
partition under 8GB, OSX will be installed here.
The last supported OS is 10.2.8.
There is an issue with the drivers for the ATIRAGE GFX card built in
there will be ghosting and purple hues if unpatched (Xpostfacto has
patches built in in "options" check the 2 on the left column, one says
use patched atiragepro).
I had a huge hard time with 10.3 and blew away that partition thinking
i'd give 10.4 a shot otherwise I'd put 10.2 on and be done (I flip
macs for fun & profit).
You'll need at least 256mb RAM.

Anyone wanna buy a Wallstreet?

A side note, the Mac Genuis that sold me this machine also is selling
a MP2000 and it was clean and had the box. Check Chicago Craigslist or
shoot me a message. He wanted $100 for it.

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