[NTLK] Bluetooth: My Current Status.

From: Stuart Mingay <stuartmingay_at_mac.com>
Date: Wed Apr 09 2008 - 06:14:28 EDT

Hi all,

You're probably aware that I've been trying to get bluetooth working on my 2100 and phone to allow me to send emails etc. on the move, and you're probably also aware that I've been having a few problems.

What I thought I'd do is explain what I've done, what does or doesn't work, and see if anyone can spot something that I've missed, or something that I haven't tried yet.

I have a MP2100 with a Pico bluetooth card, and a Sony Ericsson K850i 3G phone.

OS 2.1 with the 2010 fix installed
Blunt 0.7.6
NIE 2.0
NIE Nitro and Blunt latest version

I can pair the phone with my Newton, only by initiating the process from the Newton. I can do a Get Services and I get OBEX Push and a Dial Up Network returned. I've set up the DNS address and the login script and everything proceeds fine until it gets past the login script and enters PPP negotiation. I then get an error which disconnects me from the phone and everything stops.

The Issues:
After much interweb trawling it seems that the problem comes down to NIE or Blunt always expecting PPP Packet Echo to enabled and my internet connection not having it set. There is no way to turn this off on the Newton, unlike within OS X where it is an option

I went with Blunt v0.7.6 because there's a bug that means that later versions won't recognise a Pico when testing the setup, but 0.7.6 also has a bug that doesn't allow pairing to be initiated from the phone. Trawling the internet suggested that pairing in this direction may solve the problems on these Sony phones.

I upgraded to 0.7.7 as apparently the pairing bug was fixed in this version. It still could see my Pico card (maybe because it was already setup) but when I tried to pair from the phone to the Newton, it got to the stage of the phone sending the pass number and me trying to enter it on the Newton, and the connection would just drop.

I upgraded to Blunt v1 just to try another version. But the same thing happened as v0.7.7.

Current Position:
It doesn't work. I believe from what I've read it's to do with Echo PPP Packets being enabled within NIE and there being no ability to turn this off.

Next Steps:
I don't know? I've downloaded the AT Command guide for Sony Ericsson 3G phones hoping there would be an option to enable PPP echo packets, but there's nothing there.
Maybe change my phone (which is a bit extreme). Have people got a Pico card working with another 3G phone anywhere?
Maybe change my bluetooth card. Would that make a difference? Not sure as I think my phone may send stuff that Blunt can't handle when attempting to pair.
Hack NIE to disable Echo PPP Packets? Ouch. Anyone got an idea how I could do this?!



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