Re: [NTLK] Einstein on iPhone

From: Karel Jansens <>
Date: Mon Apr 14 2008 - 14:15:33 EDT

matthiasm wrote:
> Well, that exactly *is* the question. The iPhone has such a tiny
> screen, that even if we had a stylus, HWR would be close to
> impossible.

My primary phone is a Sony Ericsson P910i and I can assure you that
handwriting (using the almost-not-sucking Decuma Alphabetic program) is
quite possible on its tiny screen. In fact, so much so that I've long
since dismantled its th/dumbboard and gone all touchie screenie.

> Now using my finger on my iPhone, I *can* write somewhat
> legible (in huge letters, compared to a Newton screen), but I have
> close to no control, where my writing is going. The next issue would
> be hitting a standard Newton button shrunk to the iPhone screen with
> my not-so-stylus shaped finger.
> Everybody seems so happy with the touch interface that nobody has come
> up with some fine-tipped stylus yet. Maybe it is impossible to do on
> the iPhone?

Maybe there are not enough literate and motorically un-challenged iPhone
(<spit!>) users to make such an investment worth while? :)

Karel Jansens
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