Re: [NTLK] HWR for iPhone?!

From: Karel Jansens <>
Date: Thu Apr 17 2008 - 11:09:15 EDT

Miro wrote:
> It is the top-listed article on their (today's) Web page.
> Interesting?!
> <>

It's the same lame character recognizer I have on my Nokia N800, only
narrower and without the semi-useful lines. Show me any Newton that
needs an input window for HWR (yes, yes, yes, there's Graffiti for
Newtons. There are also sharp spikes, but that doesn't mean I have to
sit on one).

So no, I do not want this. Wake me when somone ports ParaGraph to the
iPhone (<spit!>); that might interest me enough to want to buy one (not
likely, but at least it'll make me think about it).

Karel Jansens
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