Re: [NTLK] Adriano's lost shipments and Italian postal system

From: matthiasm <>
Date: Tue Apr 22 2008 - 04:42:26 EDT

On 22.04.2008, at 09:57, Jon Glass wrote:
> A Polish friend of mine bought a laptop with a German keyboard, and
> simply bought stickers to put over the German ones, and uses the US
> layout

I would hate to do that on my backlit MacBook Pro keyboard ;-)

> To get even weirder, I use the Polish "typist"
> key layout when I type Polish, which copies the German Y-Z swap. I
> just use my US keyboard, and change the layout in sys prefs. Yes, I do
> know where all the characters are.

That's a wonderful thing to know. After 30 years of typing, I still
look at the keyboard unfortunatley. I guess I should just get over it
and stop peeking ;-).

Apple does offer an "international" keyboard in Germany as an option,
which is basically a mix of the UK and US keyboard. It is bearable. I
just wish it didn't have the tiny return key. I made the mistake once
to buy a laptop in the store, hoping to get new keycaps. It turned out
to be no match because of the two additional keys in the German
layout. Swapping keys was also not possible becase the keyboard was
ergonomically arranged in a slight arc, giving all keys slightly
different sizes.

But then again, anything is good for an excuse to fly to Clifornia.
They have a nice Apple stor on 3rd Street in Santa Monica :-P


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