Re: [NTLK] Exact Measurement of Newton 2000 Screen

From: L.W. Brown <>
Date: Sat Apr 26 2008 - 10:30:04 EDT

I have both kinds, and I like them both - just different ways to get
more of a paper-ish feel: The "corrugated" one is stiff and goes under
the bezel - it would be slippery but for the ribbing, which slows down
a stylus nicely, but does feel odd at first. The WR stick on the
screen, and is a bit "sticky" or "soft" on the surface. It feel a bit
more natural, but is still not the same as paper.
I use the ribbed one with a sharper tipped stylus that tends to get
bits of grit caught in it - it protects the screen well, tho you can
see the abuse it takes. I use the WR with the very smooth Cross stylus
point, and it seem to last a good long time. I suspect, but have not
tried to confirm, that the WR+Cross yields better recognition, but
that may simply be because I have used & trained that machine more...

On 26. Apr.,`08, at 10:01 EDT, G. Isten wrote:

> Sorry, I got the posters wrong. Albert asked about the measurements,
> not Woody.
>> These measurements are about the same as I measured of a WriteRight
>> screen protector. This was a stick-on that didn't go under the
>> bezel.
> The protector that is currently deployed on my 2100 has a
> structured, texture-like surface; no glare. I'm not sure that's a
> WriteRight, though. Fact is, it's very sturdy (I have never changed
> it, it's still in perfect condition). And I have just discovered
> that I still have 10 WriteRights sitting in that envelope... but I'd
> hate to pull one out now just to see what it feels like, since the
> one on the Newt is still doing fine. But if there's 10 in that
> envelope, couldn't the one on my device be a different brand? If so,
> does my description ring a bell as to what brand it might be?
> As for sensitivity, I would imagine that all screen protectors
> impact the feel in one way or another.

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