[NTLK] For sale: New travel charger for 4 AA or AAA size batteries

From: Frank Gruendel <newtontalk_at_pda-soft.de>
Date: Mon Apr 28 2008 - 17:53:54 EDT

Hi gang,

today I received a charger that came as an option for a medical
instrument that I'm using. If I had known which charger
it is, I wouldn't have bought that option...

I bought exactly the same charger last year, after comparing prices
features for days, because I needed something
to charge my Newton's AA cells while on vacation. The TC4 charger
was the smallest I found that met all my requirements, which were

1) Fast charge. The TC4 charges four 2600mAh cells in 2.6 hours.
   capacity cells are charged faster.

2) Usable in many countries. The TC4 comes with an AC adapter
   a voltage input range of 110...240 Volt. It should thus work
   in about every country on this planet. Four prong adapters are
   that can (a bit like with the 9 Watt Newton adapter) be slipped
   on the power supply. There are prongs for German / UK / US and
   (I think) Australian AC sockets.

3) Charging in the car. The TC4 comes with a cable that can be plugged
   in the cigarette lighter socket.

4) Charging both AA (Mignon) and AAA (Micro) size cells with automatic
   current adjustment. The TC4 charges AA cells with 1200mA and AAA
   cells with 450mA.

5) Individual charge control for each slot. The TC4 comes with
   temperature sensors for each slot, monitored by a microcontroller.

6) "Decent" charge monitoring. The TC 4 monitors both temperature and
   time, which is more than most chargers that size will do.

7) Small size and little weight.

It is the perfect charger for traveling with your Newton, provided you
have a battery tray. I know what I am talking about because I have
it last year whenever I had my Newton with me in my old campervan.
It is in its original packaging and has never been used, it's brand
spanking new, and if you want it it is yours for EUR 15.00 plus what I
pay at the post office for shipping. I will ship worldwide at cost.

Here's where you can have a closer look:


If you are interested, please do not reply to the list, but drop me a
line at

        xx newtonsupport xx AT xxpda-softxx DOT xxdexx

(remove all spaces and x characters and replace AT and DOT)


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