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From: Peter Wilson <wilsonpeter_at_mac.com>
Date: Fri Aug 01 2008 - 08:00:09 EDT

I have been watching and enjoying the list, whilst trying to buy a
2100. I have now bought one on Ebay.
I am a relative novice to both Mac and Newton, now I need some help,

I have bought an MP 2000, with the relevant cables , dongle and a
Keyspan USB to Serial connector. I have also downloaded NCX but
cannot seem to establish a connection. My Powerbook is running
10.4.11. Looking at the Newton, to start with, it seems to have some
original Software missing. It only came with Floppy discs, so how do
I restore to the original Factory settings without access to a Floppy ?
When I open NCX it shows the Home screen, so I think that I have
downloaded it properly. However all the icons are dimmed and I am not
able to do anything at all. When I go to preferences/ general it only
shows 2 serial port options; Nokia-E60-Dial-Upnetwork-1 and
Bluetooth-PDA-Sync. There are no other options. When I connect
everything and on the Newton, choose Extras, all icons, Dock, I get
the slip, connect via serial. I click connect and a slip appears
showing that the connection was stopped because there was no response.
There are lots of other Questions that I am sure that I will need
help with in future but could anybody please help me to sort out
this initial problem ?

I would appreciate any help.

Kind regards

Peter Wilson.

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