Re: [NTLK] Connection Problems

From: Peter Wilson <>
Date: Fri Aug 01 2008 - 10:36:38 EDT


Thank you all for your guidance and advice.
Will talk again.

On 1 Aug 2008, at 14:37, Tony Morrow wrote:

On Aug 1, 2008, at 8:00 AM, Peter Wilson wrote:

> I have been watching and enjoying the list, whilst trying to buy a
> 2100. I have now bought one on Ebay.
> I am a relative novice to both Mac and Newton, now I need some help,
> please.

Hi and welcome to the community.

> I have bought an MP 2000, with the relevant cables , dongle and a
> Keyspan USB to Serial connector. I have also downloaded NCX but
> cannot seem to establish a connection. My Powerbook is running
> 10.4.11. Looking at the Newton, to start with, it seems to have some
> original Software missing. It only came with Floppy discs, so how do
> I restore to the original Factory settings without access to a
> Floppy ?

By default there isn't a lot of software installed on the newton;
only about 10 apps. Everything else you need to install using NCX or
other package tools. If you want to completely reset the Newton then
do the following:

Press and hold the reset button (the little dot in the back of the
newton) while holding down the power switch at the same time. After
about 2-3 seconds release the reset switch while continuing to hold
the power switch. A slip should come up asking to erase your data. If
you click yes then everything on the newton will be erased except for
what is stored in the ROM. I mean everything

> When I open NCX it shows the Home screen, so I think that I have
> downloaded it properly. However all the icons are dimmed and I am not
> able to do anything at all. When I go to preferences/ general it only
> shows 2 serial port options; Nokia-E60-Dial-Upnetwork-1 and
> Bluetooth-PDA-Sync. There are no other options. When I connect
> everything and on the Newton, choose Extras, all icons, Dock, I get
> the slip, connect via serial. I click connect and a slip appears
> showing that the connection was stopped because there was no response.
> There are lots of other Questions that I am sure that I will need
> help with in future but could anybody please help me to sort out
> this initial problem ?

As Kate mentioned, you probably need to install the driver for your
keyspan adapter. Once installed it should show up under options. When
the Newton and NCX are able to establish the connection the icons
will become active and you will be able to send and receive
information. Sadly Synchronization doesn't work yet.

> I would appreciate any help.

Finally I suggest heading over to and checking
out the archive. There are tons of apps there that you can install on
the newton and further enhance the functionality. Be sure to go to and download
the User Manual. You will find the Newton in its default setup can do
more then you think.

> Kind regards
> Peter Wilson.

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Peter Wilson.

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