Re: [NTLK] newton and ethernet

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Tue Aug 05 2008 - 16:37:17 EDT

Yes you can connect with your mac and the internet with a 2x00 Newton
or an eMate. In fact I think of it as the preferred way. But you
need to have certain software installed and set up.
See Frank's site for a setup procedure.

If you are running a newer mac and cannot run Classic or if you prefer
not to you will also need TCP/IP or Simon's internet dock installed
and his NCX.

Your problem will be bootstrapping unless you have a serial dongle.
There are folks on the list that offer a card lending service where
you pay a deposit, a linear flash card with necessary software is sent
to you. When you return the card you get you deposit back less
shipping costs.


On Aug 5, 2008, at 2:54 PM, kyle feller wrote:

> hi i have a newton mp 2000 and i have an ethernet card i have no
> special (third party) softwere on
> it because i cant connect it to my computer but is there anyway that
> i can connect it to my mac via
> my ethernet card

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