[NTLK] [FS]MessagePad 2000 Package

From: Kostas Theofilis <roufianos_at_mac.com>
Date: Thu Aug 07 2008 - 19:14:49 EDT

Hi list,

as my new MP2100 arrived, I am selling my MP2000 to cover some of the
cost of the purchase.

Before putting it on eBay, I am offering it here of course!

So, the package includes:

Newton MessagePad 2000
AA Battery holder
Original Box
Original Manuals in perfect condition
Original Disks, some of them sealed.
Serial Cables (Windows and Mac)
USB to Serial adapter

The Messagepad is in very good condition. NO screen scratches, NO body
scratches. The only mark is leftovers from a sticker on the back.
Also there is a screw missing from behind.

No other accessories as I need them for my MP2100!

I will give the whole package for 120 plus postage. I am located in
Birmingham, UK. If someone leaves nearby and wants to inspect or
collect in person, it would be a pleasure (heh, an informal UK Newton

Please contact me off list.



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