Re: [NTLK] Docking connection via Mode port?

From: matthiasm <>
Date: Sat Aug 09 2008 - 08:57:51 EDT

On 06.08.2008, at 10:55, Daniel Padilla Roldán wrote:

> matthiasm escribió:
>> I have no FreeDock, but I need some info on it please.
>> Assuming a FreeDock with a standard RS232 connector on the Modem port
>> (*not* on the external serial port), can I use the modem port just
>> like the external port using a standard RS232 cable?
>> Can I sync via the dock application over the RS232 line? How?
>> Can I use it with Inspector and NTK? How?
>> Any insight is greatly appreciated.
> As far as I know, both ports have the same capabilities. The
> only
> difference is that the modem port is missing the line drivers (an IC)
> that shift the signals from TTL level to RS-232 levels. The
> freedock
> provides that circuit.
> Now, on the software side, you would need to install some
> extensions to tell the Dock, Inspector, etc to use the second serial
> port instead. I made one extension for using the Dock with the 2nd
> port, that I could send you, and some of my programs, NewtTunes &
> Ringer IIRC, can be used with the second serial port, if you want to
> test. For the inspector, you would need to make an extension that
> modifies the serial port it uses, let me know if you need some
> hints at
> that.

Ah, that information was very helpful. Thank you. No need to send
anything just yet. If I actually need that extension (sound surprising
simple) I will contact you.


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