Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: Don Zahniser <>
Date: Sat Aug 09 2008 - 22:34:33 EDT

NAME: Don Zahniser
AGE: 58
OCCUPATION: Environmental Analytical Chemist (recently 'retired') /
Dairy Goat Farmer

LOCATION: Orleans County, NY, USA
NEWTON COLLECTION: MP120 (intermittently won't wake up), MP2100 (2)

MY NEWTON STORY: Picked up an MP130 in 2004, and a few months later
acquired my first MP2100. After the MP130 died, I obtained an MP120
and MP2100. I used the MP130 and an MP2100 at work to perform
calculations (mostly in AssistCalc) and linear regressions
(calibration curves) in Works. I also have statistics tables that I
moved to the Newton, in Works Paper documents. The MP120 sits in a
drawer until I have the initiative to troubleshoot it.

HOW I USE MY NEWTON TODAY: Alarm Clock (Alarm Clock); Recording and
tracking expenses (PocketMoney); Shopping Lists (Notes); Project
management around the home/farm (Notes/DateMan); ToDos (DateMan);
Passwords and other private information (GeekSafe); Gas Mileage (MPG,
although I have used GeekGas and Works spreadsheets); appointments
(DateMan); model numbers, serial numbers, part numbers and other info
for equipment and appliances (Notes); etc, etc.

Goat herd management: Recording Breeding dates and calculating
freshening dates (Works spreadsheets); Dosage levels of medications,
based on weight (Works spreadsheets); Recording herd-wide tasks, such
as hoof-trimming (Checklists in Notes). Comes out to the barn with
me for these tasks.

Recording dimensions, rough sketches, and material lists for
construction/repair/remodeling around the farm and home.

The occasional e-book and a few games.

Moving data to my desktop computer (G4 Cube) using Mail V, NCX, and
the Desktop transport. Printing to desktop printer via LPR driver.

Oh, Yes - Last weekend, I took #4 son to freshman orientation at his
new college. I used my primary MP2100 to take copious notes, mostly
in outlines, for conveying to Lady Technophobe who had to stay home.
First time I had really had a need to take 'power notes' as
information was being presented to me. It worked amazingly well. I
print by default (ever since a stern lecture about my messy script
handwriting from my beloved but feared 8th grade teacher), and the
print recognizer works wondrously for me.

  - Don

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