Re: [NTLK] ATA Support (was: Connecting my Newton-Questions!)

From: Matt Howe <>
Date: Wed Aug 13 2008 - 10:04:37 EDT

And thanks to both of you. A big mystery of why cards go bad in Newtons but
appear fine to the rest of the world has been a little more demystified. (I
think I just made that word up.) Thanks to PCBman for finding and James for

Matt (Ducky) Howe
Owner of a MP2000U and an Emate (Newton) (Desktop)

James Wages wrote:
And what do you know, David just sent me an email with a complete report, as


Here are my findings:


Bottom line, I'm sending it back to you. Sorry I couldn't fix it. If
it was just a matter of rewriting the CIS I could have done that but I
can't get the numbers in there.

A thousand thanks, PCBman!


James Wages

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