Re: [NTLK] Completely dead eMate... help!

From: <>
Date: Wed Aug 13 2008 - 20:58:51 EDT

> When I took the eMate to work today,
> I attempted to use it, and it would not power up. That's when I
> discovered some tomato juice from a rottened tomato leaked inside the
> eMate. I got home, took the eMate apart, checked around, cleaned
> where I thought some would be (which it wasn't much, which means it
> was a slow leak into the eMate, but still nothing...
> I plug it in, green light comes on, but no orange light even though I
> know it didn't have a full charge before this. Take the battery out,
> plug it in, nothing. Reset does nothing, no matter how long I hold
> it.

Sounds exactly like my eMate, the one my cat peed on. She is fine, by the
way. I bought myself a nice soldering iron but have not been brave enough
to try it. Maybe tonight, while the Olympics are on. I'll be looking for
something damaged by moisture, like a capacitor.

Hopefully we can get these two back in service.

Gary Dunn
Open Slate Project
73 BMW E9 (3.0 CS) 2213583 (rust repair research project)

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