Re: [NTLK] Completely dead eMate... help!

From: <>
Date: Thu Aug 14 2008 - 17:12:51 EDT

Steven M. Spiegel <> sent a message in a bottle from
Kauai, saying:
> Gary and Tommy,
> If the unit has been "sitting" for any time, the chances are that
> corosion starts almost immediately.
> I have been an indpendent Apple technician for 27 years, I have had to
> work on many of these "accident" situations. The problem with your
> situations is that the liquids that leaked into your emates contain
> acid(tomato juices) and amonia(cat pee) and must be removed
> immediately. Failure to do so will cause corosion to start quickly.
> Even if you can clean anything visable, the liquid becomes trapped
> under I.C.s and other components, which causes shorts which can't be
> seen. Most times a logic board replacement is the the only way to be
> sure that your emate will work reliably.

I am beginning to think this view is correct. I do see a little corrosion
on the mobo in an area roughly three inches around the AC connector. Just
dullness and little flecks of white on places that on other areas of the
mobo are bright and shiny. Some of these parts, ICs and resistors, are
minute, so that even a little corrosion might short the connections.
Cleaning the mobo won't help, because the real problems are probably
hidden, some possibly inside an IC or in the subterranean layers of the
mobo itself.

I did get the two pairs of red and black wires unsoldered (why didn't Apple
use connectors here???) but got stuck at the ribbon cables.

Gary Dunn
Open Slate Project
73 BMW E9 (3.0 CS) 2213583 (rust repair research project)

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