Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: Chris Chapman <>
Date: Thu Aug 14 2008 - 21:14:47 EDT

NAME: Chris Chapman
AGE: 28
OCCUPATION: Technician
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
1 eMate 300 (Thanks to Mr. Reidsma)
2 Newton 2100's
1 Newton 2000
1 Newton 130

My Newton Story:
It all goes back to 1998. I had recently converted to Macintosh. I
had a Palm Pilot Personal, I think that was the 512k or 1MB model,
not sure. I had bought some things from MacMall and they sent a
catalogue with Newton 2100's in them. I read up on them, and
immediately I wanted one. I called Apple and they didn't want to sell
one to me because it was discontinued. Macmall was out of stock. I
turned to the Internet and found one one for sale by a doctor. I
think I paid $800 for the lot. I carried it to work every day and
took notes on it. Downloaded DateMan and got hooked with scheduling
appointments and To-Dos. I ended up selling it about two years later
and going back to Palm. I missed the Newton and bought a 2100 again
and got more use out of it, and found LANUG. I got even more use out
it for the next 2-3 years and sold all of my Newton stuff again. I
went through a Sidekick, Palm TX, Tungstens, Windows CE, Psion, and
could never seem to get the same satisfaction as I did from the
Newtons. I ended up buying a 2100 from craigslist for $50, and have
been using it for the past 2 years. I'm here to stay.

What do I use it for?

- Appointments
- To-Do's
- Notes
- Project Management
- Games
- Car Care
- Balance Checkbook
- Storing Passwords

Not so much online anymore. I may do that again in the future. I love
the battery life, I would get a few days out of the Palms and Pocket
PC's. With the 2100, I can go a few weeks!

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