Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: David Douthett <>
Date: Sat Aug 16 2008 - 14:54:04 EDT

Hi. I'm a noob to the list and just saw the question, so here's a wee
I started using a Newton in 1997, not long before it was
discontinued. My brother, "Digital Bill" Douthett, talked me into it,
as he had been using one for quite some time. I got an MP2000 used
for an entirely ridiculous sum for a minister with two small kids and
mortgage -- $800, almost twice my mortgage payment at the time.

I immediately fell in love with the beastie, using it for meeting
notes, sermon notes (even preached from it a few times), keeping
track of expenses, phone calls, and pastoral calls. Never got too
much into email and internet with it, but at the time those were
still fairly mystical.

The first note I have on my Newton is a sound recording of my
daughter, who was about 4 at the time, singing "Christmas Is Coming,"
which is pretty precious. That was 12/6/97. The last note I have on
it was from 7/2002, which must be about the time I switched over to
OSX, a hard tradeoff.

My brother died almost two years ago, so I inherited a lot of his
tech toys, including his MP2100. I was going through some boxes in
the basement this week to clean it out, and came across said 2100,
along with various cards and cables, like ethernet card and cable and
modem, etc. Well, I've been thinking about getting an iPod Touch so I
can have something smaller than the 17" lunch tray PowerBook to tote
around, but when I found Bill's Newt, I started to wonder if it could
do the job. About the same time I found MY Newt in another box! So I
started trolling around online to see if the Newton was still alive
and if it could connect with OSX yet. A friend turned me on to this
list and some other resources, assuring me that my quest had paid
off. I just connected and backed up my Newton for the first time in
six years, and I plan to return it to active duty.

Thanks for asking. I'm sure I'll be asking lots of questions in the
days to come as I re-enter the Newton community.

David Douthett

On Aug 16, 2008, at 11:09 AM, Matt Howe wrote:

> Hurry up and get your responses in.
> I am collecting all of these wonderful stories and I am going to
> make a
> Newton book out of them. I was struck by the breadth of age and
> experience
> that is brought together here by our green friend And I thought
> this rich
> slice of life should not fade away into the archives. So if you
> have not yet
> responded to this thread get to typing. In another couple of weeks
> I will be
> making the Ebook.
> Matt (Ducky) Howe
> Owner of a MP2000U and an Emate
> (Newton)
> (Desktop)

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