[NTLK] Newton use

From: Andreas <MessagePad2000_at_laposte.net>
Date: Sun Aug 17 2008 - 03:19:33 EDT

Hello list,

NAME: Andreas Nijenhuis
AGE: 36
LOCATION: Grenoble, France
NEWTON COLLECTION: MP 100, MP 120, MP 130, MP 2000, MP 2100, eMate 300,
Sharp ExpertPad, Siemens NotePhone, Motorola Marco, Schlumberger Watson


I recall seeing the new MessagePad 2000 in the computer shop, back in
may 1995, when I was looking for a laptop.

I also recall thinking : who on earth is willing to pay 10.000 French
Francs for a little device like that. What is a 'Personal Digitial
Assistant' anyway?!

So, I went off with a PowerBook 150, my very first computer.

After forgetting completely about the Newton, I came across it on the
internet ten years later. Becoming enthousiastic rapidly, I first bought
a MessagePad 2000.

Discovering the possibilities, I upgraded quickly to a MessagePad 2100.
Soon, the whole collection followed.

The use is double :

- on the one hand, exmploring the possibilities of the Newton (WiFi,
Bluetooh, NPDS server, Cell phone, etc, see further on <http://
messagepad.free.fr/> and <http://messagepad.free.fr/pasapas/pasapas.html>)

- on the other hand, essentially note taking (while attending congresses
or for my student administration).

Compared to my Treo 650, Nokia 770 or iPod Touch, I'm impressed by the
quality of the text input and the way to correct it on the go. The
interconnection of the data is also a clever thing, only implemented
recently in MacOS X or via FileMaker Bento.

That's all folks,


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