Re: [NTLK] How do you use your Newton?

From: Michael J. Hu▀mann <>
Date: Sun Aug 17 2008 - 14:08:29 EDT

Doug Denby ( wrote:

> Impossible. There are no original Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek texts. They
> are all copies of, copies of, copies of, ... original texts. And much
> of the provenance is suspect. And that is before translation.

Pure heresy! Apparently you haven't visited the website mentioned in his
signature (<>):

"God wrote the Bible perfectly through his prophets and servants. God
dictated it word for word, punctuation for punctuation."

Must have been quite difficult, writing down words in English, a
language that didn't even exist back then. And quite pointless when
nobody would understand a word of it. But there you go.

- Michael

Michael J. Hu▀mann

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