Re: [NTLK] ATA Linear flash speed

From: James Wages <>
Date: Mon Aug 18 2008 - 02:52:57 EDT

On 8/18/08 3:18 PM, "Jon Glass" <> wrote:
> What are you guys putting on your cards??? I mean, a
> gig???

Jon, I don't need 1GB of space. I want 32MB on a single card. If I had
64MB, that would be idea. But no, I don't need a Gig. I want speed though.
I want whatever card I use to be nearly as fast as internal RAM. Linear
cards give me that speed. I remain skeptical if ATA cards can really be
THAT fast, even with caches set high in ATA Support.

What do I use? All the basic Newton packages plus Dashboard, ATA Support,
More Info, Bigger Notes, SBM Utils, Notion, Clarity, Gesture Launch for Dash
Board, KJV, NIV and RSV Bibles for The Message, Clex (J->E translation),
Lexionary, EDICT (E->J translation), Japanese fonts, Lunar Lander (and
similar such fun games, the 1984 commercial (for fun), Ethernet drivers,
some E-books, and more. Before I had my 32MB linear card crash, I had a
significant amount of internal RAM filled and most of my 32MB card filled.
That was perfect for me. And that's why I said that I want another 32MB
card. A 64MB card would allow me even more space to store more books and
other fun stuff that simply wouldn't fit on what I had before.

I don't like offloading to my computer because I never know when I might
want to use a package when I don't have access to my computer at home. Of
course, I had most of that stuff Frozen much of the time in order to keep my
2100 running swiftly. The Bibles and Lexionary and J<->E translators take
up an enormous amount of space.

So again, I am veeeeeery curious if an Extreme III card can truly compete
with the speed of INTERNAL RAM or Linear cards.


James Wages

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