Re: [NTLK] Programming help

From: matthiasm <>
Date: Thu Aug 21 2008 - 06:27:52 EDT

On 21.08.2008, at 05:35, Marisa Giancarla wrote:

> I am working on my ebook reader for the Newton, but I am stuck on
> how to
> read the data in a package file within the reader. The books are
> getting
> set up as program packages and I can loop over them in the extras list
> and find out most of the information in the package frame, but I
> need to
> also read the embedded ebook data.
> Does anyone have any pointers or c.s.n.p (comp.sys.newton.programmer)
> excerpts to show how to do this? It looks like there should be a slot
> called "parts" in the package info frame but I don't see it in my
> packages. Perhaps I am not looking in the right place.

Hmm, yes, according to the programmers guide, you should have
"numParts" and an array of "parts". I have no experience with packages
that are installed, but I wrote code that reads and writes packages on
PC and Mac. Maybe your package is incomplete or somhow non-conforming.
Have you tried to read other packages and their parts?

You could dump the contents of your package through the Inspector and
get a better idea of what is going on.

> I will post a
> similar message in c.s.n.p but I don't know how many people still
> check
> there for new messages

I rarely see any messages there, maybe once a month a three-message-
thread... .


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