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Just sent the following to the Newton Library: http://www.newtonslibrary.org/
in MP2x00 portrait format. Just ask and I can send it direct if you can't wait
for it to become available on that site.



The Influence of Sea Power Upon History (ISBN 0-486-25509-3) is an influential
treatise on naval warfare written in 1890 by Alfred Thayer Mahan. It details the
role of sea power throughout history and discusses the various factors needed to
support a strong navy.

The book was published by Mahan while President of the US Naval War College, and
was a culmination of his ideas regarding naval warfare and its superiority.

Mahan began the book with an examination of what factors lead to a supremacy of
the seas, especially how Britain was able to rise to its near dominance. He
identifies such features as geography, population, and government, and expands
the definition of sea power as comprising a strong navy and commercial fleet.
Mahan also promotes the belief that any army would succumb to a strong naval

The book then goes on to describe a series of European and American wars and how
naval power was used in each.

The arguments of The Influence of Seapower Upon History,1660-1783 influenced
naval policies of governments for decades. In the United States, it made
President Teddy Roosevelt support a greater navy; Mahan and Roosevelt became
friends after Roosevelt published his own naval histories in the 1880s. It also
motivated the U.S. government to project American power through its navy, thus
beginning American Imperialism.

The treatise's influence was not limited to the U.S., Kaiser Wilhelm II ordered
a copy aboard every ship of the Imperial German Navy; it encouraged enlargement
of the German and Japanese navies, contributing to the naval arms race between
Britain and Germany before The First World War.

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