[NTLK] Flush Wifi Cards

From: Ryan Vetter <physicalconstants_at_yahoo.ca>
Date: Sat Aug 23 2008 - 13:26:17 EDT

Well, since I have some older PowerBooks with Wifi, I looked hard to find a solution that did not compromise their design, in terms of a PC wifi card.  As everyone knows, the Orinoco Gold cards are the best cards to use with older PowerBooks.
Well, I found one with a retractable atennae, the 3com 802.11b/g with the xjack atennae.  It works great: you simply push the atennae in when you are not using it and the card will sit almost flush with the side of the unit.  It works in my PowerBook Wallstreet with the appropriate 3rd party driver.  However, when I tried to slide it into my Newton, it would not "snap in".  Weird.  It just sat loose... I thought since it worked in the standard PC Card slots in the PowerBooks, that it should work in the Newton's... but it does not catch in the cage.  The Orinoco works in the same slot, snapping in place.

Anybody know of any cards with a retractable atennae that would work, or why this one does not?

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