Re: [NTLK] Interesting platform, maybe

From: Simon Stapleton <>
Date: Sun Aug 24 2008 - 14:10:50 EDT

> What can you do with a WinCE box?

Bollocks all of any interest apart from installing something else.
That's where the main "maybe" comes in, at least for me - is it
reflashable? As a first gen device, I would imagine that it has jtag
pads on the mobo, if nothing else.

> Does any touch screen Linux run on that platform? And run the other
> stuff like the cam & WiFi?

Building a kernel for the hardware might involve some, or even "some
considerable", buggerating about, and you might well not have support
for everything. But all that really interests me is the screen, the
flash, and the wifi. Maybe the bluetooth.

I'd be very interested in a port of Einstein that uses a stripped down
Linux kernel and DirectFB. Yeah, I know, I should get to it...

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