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Date: Mon Aug 25 2008 - 14:42:21 EDT

I think most of the recent posts are related to my problem(s) getting BT to
work. There is a "right" combination of BlueTooth stack software from the
40Hz site and a right BT card. I tried different software combinations on a
stock eMate and a 4mb eMate, and the card froze the whole system every time
I try to Discover at any bps rate. In my case I am 99% sure the PICO card
itself is bad. My only encouragement is the fact that others have gotten
this to work.
I bought a PICO from a German company on eBay. I asked them what they would
do for me since the first one I bought from them came apparently DOA and it
is too much money and trouble to ship it back. The company owner said that
if I bought 2 he'd ship me 3; they have a lot of successful/positive
transactions so I believe him. I'm going to go for his deal when I get extra
money to blow on BT cards (I also need 2100 batteries and a new 2100).

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It's a murky swamp out there with Bluetooth...
What happens is that when I tap 'Discover' in the BT setup, the MP turns off
and restarts.
The excellent Newtontalk searchable archive shows a thread with concerns
about both SysPatch 0.6b and RAM difficulties.
I don't think I have either of these problems, so...

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