[NTLK] Looking for web site testers

From: Frank Gruendel <newtontalk_at_pda-soft.de>
Date: Mon Aug 25 2008 - 19:52:47 EDT

Hi folks,

a long time ago I made the big mistake to use NetObjects Fusion for
creating my
web site. Back then this seemed a smart decision because I had no HTML
skills whatsoever and this program allowed getting results rather

Ever since I have regretted this decision because stating that the
HTML code generated
by Fusion is crap would mean paying this program a compliment. In
reality it is
much worse.

This is why some time ago I decided to throw everything away and
rewrite it from
scratch using a simple text editor. That way it'll be me who decides
what is in the
HTML code and not some application that I'm unable to argue with. The
will eventually be that the pages will (rough estimate) load 5-10
times faster.

The problem is that I do not really have the time to test things with
more than the
more modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, FireFox, Safari on PC
and Mac),
and even this would take a lot of time. This is where you enter the

The first NotePad-only page can be found here:


A screenshot of how it looks on my PC using Opera is here:


Could as many of you as possible please have a look at the page above
in their browser
and drop me a line if (and only if) it looks significantly different
from my screenshot?
If it does,
could you please let me know which browser, browser version and OS you
are using and
send me a screenshot of how it looks in your browser? Eventually I
plan to convert every
single page on my site to something along the lines of the page above,
so I'd rather get it
right the first time...

Ah, before I forget: Please DO NOT REPLY TO THE LIST, but directly to
yours truly.

Thanks, as always


PS It's no use trying to convince me that re-writing my web site with
any program
other than a text editor would be much smarter. I do not want to be
smart. I do no longer
want to throw things at my monitor because some stupid application
things the way I do not want it and that I can't talk it out of.
I will have 100% control of my web site code...

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