Re: [NTLK] WWNC 2009?

From: matthiasm <>
Date: Thu Aug 28 2008 - 03:53:02 EDT

On 28.08.2008, at 06:09, Ryan Vetter wrote:

> I have access to a really nice conference room, Interpretation/audio
> equipment, and some health spa facilities at the premises in the
> downtown area. I was thinking in winter 2009. Give us an excuse to
> write some packages for the Newton, or at least improve upon some
> that are currently out there (i.e. ATA driver). Also, Vancouver can
> be cheap to fly in, specially from the US.
> I was thinking of a 3 day event, all inclusive, with tickets to the
> Vancouver Canucks included (ice hockey for those not from Canada ;).
> At this conference I would like to have the focus on programming for
> the Newton, and the best packages/uses for the Newton. I would also
> like to talk about Mac Classic and how it can fit into the mix of
> the Newton and modern computing.

Sounds great to me. I would have proposed Düsseldorf, Germany, since I
do have space available for free. However, I have no interpreters or
audio stuff, and our ice hockey team sucks ;-) . WWNC07 was a great
excuse to finally see Tokyo - and it was absolutely fan-tas-tic, but
also quite expenive.

I would probaly fly over.

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