Re: [NTLK] Still Nothing from Adriano Angelillis

From: James Wages <>
Date: Thu Aug 28 2008 - 22:26:21 EDT

On 8/29/08 11:05 AM, "Robert Flannery" <> wrote:
> When I posted on the list a number of member defended him.

I personally do NOT believe in "glorification of the saints" as some on this
list believe in. To me, regardless of how much of a genius you are, and
regardless of your PAST "outstanding" contributions to the Newton Community,
you are to be judged based on how you treat individual people, right here,
right now.

In addition, as I stated previously having experienced a near-death car
accident myself, there are phones by the hospital bed and people we all know
who can handle general business correspondence for us, if not but one email
to each individual who requires information.

I therefore do not believe Mr. Adriano Angelillis is being honest with
customers like yourself who have paid money for what has otherwise become
"vaporware." People get arrested each and every day for this, around the
world. Is Mr. Angelillis an exception? Does "crime pay"? (This remains
true if a crime is committed even though the offender did not intentionally
wish to commit that crime.)

I am a member of this list (again) and I feel no need to overly defend
anyone, as each one of us must show our integrity through actions, not
through other people who love us and care to defend us. It is now high time
that Mr. Angelillis step up to the mic and defend himself; or rather, do the
right thing and give fixed shipping dates (or a date he will return funds)
to his paying customers.

--James Wages

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