Re: [NTLK] Ideal SONY Wireless LAN Card for Newton ! 128 bits OK

From: Ryan Vetter <>
Date: Sun Aug 31 2008 - 22:54:50 EDT

So, the PCWA-C150, BUT NOT the 150S, will work in the Newton?  How does it look?  Not much protrusion?

Well after looking at the new scan Bruno sent me I will clarify for myself
and others in case there was any confusion. The C150s that was in the
auction to date is still only confirmed as Non-Working with MP2000/2100.

The scan I received was for the C150 which is the same card that I have and
is basically a WaveLAN GOLD which can so 128bit encryption and is recognized
by the Pismo, Wallstreet and IBM ThinkPad I tested with as a WaveLAN (and an
Airport in the PowerBooks)

Pictures will be posted thank to the courtesy of Bruno :)

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