Re: [NTLK] Pictures of the inside of Intel 20MB Linear Flash card

From: Goodwin, Greg P. <>
Date: Mon Dec 01 2008 - 08:33:11 EST

Oh wow that is interesting. Didn't realize the flash chips populated
both sides like that.

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From: Frank Gruendel

Hi folks,

I've always wanted to know how the 20MB cards I am occasionally
parting with look from the inside. Here is the result:

Just in case someone is inclined to find some datasheets and check
if this card can be coerced into 5V/5V operation (which would make
it writable in eMates), go ahead. I'll gladly give it a try, but I
haven't the time right now to find out if the attempt would have
any chance of success.

Just in case someone wants such a card, I have still some left.


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