From: Tony Kan <tonykan_at_xtra.co.nz>
Date: Sat Dec 13 2008 - 00:55:55 EST

I recently received a book on programming for the Newton on the condition that I
would write an application for it. Over the last few weeks (and in no great
hurry) I've been thinking about the needs of the Newton Community and trying to
rank them in highest order of utility.

It seems hooking up to Wifi hotspots that require SSL and being able to hook up
to https websites to allow internet banking, say; rank right up there.

Just been reading Paul Guyot's case against rewriting NIE (Newtontalk, 3 Jun
2006, thread: "Upgrading NIE").

Bear with me, while I think aloud:
  1.. If the objective is to rewrite NIE to allow binary transfers and implement
SSL; and
  2.. Not to create a new web browser; then
Is there enough documentation available to create a "drop-in" replacement for
NIE so that all extant software that currently relies on it such as Courier to
continue running?

I suppose in order to reach the Holy Grail (SSL) one will need to
write/implement a SSL library for the Newton as well as rewrite NIE to do binary
transfers; and then modify one of the extant browsers to accommodate https?

What other programmes need to be (re)written to achieve the objective?

Any thoughts welcome.


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