[NTLK] Connecting Newton to the Internet

From: Lionello Sacchi <lionello.sacchi_at_fastwebnet.it>
Date: Sun Dec 14 2008 - 05:02:51 EST

Hi all,
When I got my Newton last month, I planned to buy some pcmcia cards to
be sure to use with my router, so I have bought on eBay:

(1) 3com Etherlink III
(2) Dlink DE660
(3) Elsa AirLancer MC-11
(4) Linksys WPC11
(5) Orinoco Silver

All of them are supposed to work with Newton 2000. But I had weird
results in attempting to use them with my Newton, so maybe I'm doing
something wrong.
My setup is simple: I have a Adsl router with a 4-eth port switch, an
Airport Express connected to one of these ports. I'm using DHCP, but
with static addresses I have the same results.

I summarize my results in the following table:

Card Successful
3com Etherlink III Y1
Dlink DE660 N
Elsa AirLancer MC-11 N1
Linksys WPC11 N2
Orinoco Silver Y


Y = Works always, everytime I check email or send email.
N = Never (but it also fails on a couple of other computers, so maybe
the card is broken).
Y1= Works sometimes: when it fails the card seems to be late: the
greeen led on the cable connector lits AFTER the error message from
the Newton.
N1= Always fails, the greeen led lits AFTER the error message from the
Newton every time.
N2= Always fails, even if I see traffic on the leds.

I suspect a confict between drivers or something missing. Other than
NIE2 files, I have NIE Patch installed, Farallon Enet, Lantern Patch,
z3ComDrv, 802.11b WaveLAN.
The Orinoco Silver worked perfectly ONLY after I've removed
MoreWifiCards, from Kallisys.

I would like not only to understand what's wrong, but also to have a
larger number of cards working.

Sorry for my english,

-- Lionello

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