Re: [NTLK] IrDA Not Need Slowdown?

From: Frank Gruendel <>
Date: Wed Dec 17 2008 - 06:28:03 EST

> It is true that if you can do IrDA on a Windows XP or Vista
> machine, then slowdown.exe is not needed like it is with a
> direct serial port, right?

You wouldn't need slowdown.exe if your Newton were able to talk to
the Windows IrDA, which unfortunately it isn't. There used to be
a software called BackTalk or some such that allows communication
between Newtons and Palm Pilots. Not sure if this would be of any
help with Newton - Windows communication, but I cannot remember
anyone ever mentioning this here. So don't get your hopes up too
much. But never stop trying. Considering that serial ports are
dying out, you would be this year's Newton here if you succeeded :-)


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