Re: [NTLK] IrDA Not Need Slowdown?

From: Matt Howe <>
Date: Wed Dec 17 2008 - 12:07:35 EST

I use personal web server on my XP box to load quick pkg's via wifi. I also
have the Microsoft virtual machine loaded with Win98SE. This allows me to
use NCU with no slowdown or any of the other tricks. I even have NTK
installed in my VM and do development there and I can use the NTK toolkit on
the Newton. If you need a com port for your Windows box there are a number
of USB to Com adapters out there. My desktop has com ports but I use a Dynex
DX-UBDB9 which I got for like $10 US at Tiger Direct. I haven't used it much
on my Newton, but enough to know it works. I use it mostly to connect my GPS
to my Notebook. I bought a serial GPS so I can use it with my 2100 running
GPS Mapping Lite. I hope all of this meandering helps.

Matt (Ducky) Howe
Owner of a MP2000U and an Emate (Nokia N770) (Desktop)

SteveCraft wrote:
That's pretty frustrating, but thanks for the info. I bought a very cheap
USB IrDA thing and it didn't work because of Vista incompatibility. I found
something with better drivers and thought that I could get it to emulate a
COM port, from there I could use NCU with "serial port COM7" on the Windoze
side and "connect via IrDA" on the Newton side.

But if it won't work, it won't work. You saved me a few bucks. Thanks!

Right now, I connect my Newts and eMates to a Mac Powerbook 3400c via
serial. It works fine. That Mac can connect to other Windows boxes via FTP.
Because Windows machines are my primary systems, I'd rather eliminate the
Mac as the "middleman". I have found Bluetooth to be more work than I want
to deal with (and will have a few working like-new PICO cards up for sale
soon). Since IrDA is not going to work, I'll get deeper into WiFi and see
that that gets me.

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