Re: [NTLK] MessagePad 130

From: Ryan Vetter <>
Date: Fri Dec 19 2008 - 01:43:52 EST

Hi Scott:

Thanks for getting back to me. Man, not only are 130s rare to find, but I think 130 users are also rare too. So far, you are the only one to respond. After acquiring a fairly decent shaped 130, I had a chance to play with it for 5 minutes. Really nice machine, the backlight is great, and so is the compact form factor. Compared to the MP 2000/2100, it is "cute". That is, certainly slower with a smaller screen.

I think I will keep using my 2100, because it is quite fast compared and has that large screen. But I might use the 130 too, when I feel like it.

Imagine, if Apple canned the Newton before the 2000 was rolled out....
On Saturday, December 13, 2008, at 12:40PM, "Scott Hoffman" <> wrote:
> I use an OS 2.0 MP 120 daily. I have a 130 that I'll be using after it gets repaired.
> I use it at work to take notes for maintenance and other administrative things. I like its form factor a little more than the 2x00 for taking quick notes and portability, although I also carry my 2000U with me everywhere. I can always beam whatever I need to my "master" Newton. :)
> Be sure you check out Frank's site for the pitfalls of that particular model, though. I'm having mine looked at as "preventive maintenance".
> How's it working out for you?
> Best of luck,
> Scott

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