[NTLK] Backup Battery MP, 100, 120, 130

From: Ryan Vetter <ryanv_at_me.com>
Date: Fri Dec 19 2008 - 19:55:54 EST

So, new to the 130 game...

I got a warning that the backup battery was either absent or dead (Newton 2.0), even though new AAs are in. The backup battery is of course the small silver disc that sits just above the battery bay. The warning was coming up everytime I turned the unit on. So, I found out that the backup battery is a lithium ion battery, and got to thinking... must be rechargeable? I plugged in the unit for about 4 hours, and have been turning it on and off... so far, no warning has come up. What does come up is a Newton OS splash screen, with my Name centered, every time I turn it on, then it shoots right to where I left off.

Is the splash screen something that appears first on Newton OS 2.0 and below? If not, then I guess the backup battery is the problem, but...

Is the backup battery indeed recharged, where I won't have to replace it?



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