[NTLK] Serials for oldies

From: Luca P. <luca_at_lucapagliero.it>
Date: Mon Dec 22 2008 - 05:57:24 EST

Hi, I am the happy owner of a MP2000 since november, and I'm trying
lot of software from various sources on the net.
Digging in the Newtontalk archives I noticed that years ago there was
a little archive of serials and keygens for abandonware, "Newton
Hacks", "Newton Bits" or "Newton Mad".
I wonder if someone on the list has this file backed up and can
eventually pick it from the well of time forwarding it to me... :)
I looked everywhere, its last known location was Zoo Hotline server
(now gone).

I will consider it a "PintWare"! I will offer a pint of beer (or
equivalent) to the person that will be able to find it! ;-)


Luca P. (36, 82, RM)
Ducati Monster 695 Addicted
"Quattro ruote muovono il corpo, due ruote muovono l'anima"
"La moto il viaggio senza bisogno di parole"

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