[NTLK] High-resolution pictures of MP130 mainboard

From: Frank Gruendel <newtontalk_at_pda-soft.de>
Date: Mon Dec 22 2008 - 16:36:16 EST

Hi folks,

a recent eMate sale allowed me to invest in something I have wanted
for a long
time: A hot-air soldering station.

The result of my new purchase can be seen in the images below. Well,
actually it
is the result of my new purchase plus two days of work with a standard
station and almost 1.5m of the finest soldering wick money can buy.
The latter to
ensure that the board is really flat and hence properly focused when

To the best of
my knowledge this is a world premiere in Newton history and has never
available before: High resolutions scans of both sides of the 130's
with all components removed. This will make repair attempts
significantly easier
because finally you are able to find out where on earth these darned
printed circuit board tracks that always seem to disappear under some
wind up.



Just in case you are interested in supporting further Newton hardware
sensations: I'm contemplating the purchase of a couple of special
for this hot-air station because I might be repeating this project
with a 2x00
mainboard. And I have another eMate that I am planning to part
with. It'd be yours for EUR 90 (like-new condition, hinge spring
fixed, no power supply, 20MB read-only memory card). Shipping only
costs what I
pay for stamps. You are welcome to test it for a month. If you decide
you do
not want it, send it back at your expense and I'll refund the price
minus what
I paid for shipping.


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