Re: [NTLK] Fix2010 code release

From: matthiasm <>
Date: Mon Dec 29 2008 - 10:29:33 EST

On 29.12.2008, at 06:40, Tony Kan wrote:

> Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, Anthony. But we need more
> specific
> answers.
> "Post it": to where? who wants it on their site? UNNA? Does UNNA
> still accept
> new material?
> "Redistribute it": who wants it?
> "Revision control system": who wants to administer it? who wants to
> lead the
> charge and project manage the ongoing development of it?

I would suggest GPL if it is a stand-alone program. All work that
would be derived would have to be GPL again (and "open"). This avoids
commercial versions of the same patch that have only minor improvements.

If this is seen as a library, LGPL is the little brother of GPL. But
since I can't see anybody including this patch into their own software
in a library style, GPL is probably the better choice.

Once he has decided for a public domain license, he can host it at
many different sites. SourceForge was mentioned. They offer many very
nice tools and a complete hosting set, but are somewhat slow at
accepting new projects. I chose Google Code for my projects because I
can instantly create a new project and publish my files. Both provide
source code revision control via Subversion.

I'll be happy to set up a Google Account for this.


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