[NTLK] FS: MP2100 plus h/w an s/w items

From: Carlos D. Santiago <slashlos_at_optonline.net>
Date: Tue Jan 01 2008 - 10:33:21 EST

Well, I'm selling my big girl, an original 2100 with all the trimmings
on eBay, 190186902196, starting at $99.99 ( I post here as I couldn't
figure out how to format on eBay; my listing text appears as a single
glob). She still chimes my alerts, etc. but she needs a good home and
wants to be pressed into active service.

I am the original owner. It is in very good overall condition, and still
wears its screen protector; there no scratches or wear marks on the
screen. Item was purchased new, and over the years I'd added many
software and hardware items, which I'm offering as a single package.
Some items were never used (kbd, case, modem).

The rechargeable battery still holds a charge, roughly max around 39%,
back light works great and bright, and the battery tray also included,
as is an EXTRA new front door, still in its packaging.

Existing doors are in great shape as is the overall condition of the
unit. Unit, keyboard, and software titles included all have their
original manuals & media.

The items included in this collection:

Hardware Items:

Apple Newton MessagePad 2100
* bright functioning back light
* clean, scratch-less, protected screen
* 4MB system memory (it's NOT an upgraded system)
* hinged screen cover and port cover intact in great condition
* AC power adapter
* rechargeable battery pack
* battery pack for AA batteries
* original stylus
* original documentation
* original box
* serial cable
* 16 MB PCMCIA flash memory card
* 4MB PCMCIA flash memory card
* 1 blank PCMCIA card

Apple Newton Keyboard
* manual, box, packaging
* includes original carrying case

3Com 10Mps LAN card
* floppy media and documentation

Megahertz V.34 Modem
* floppy media/docs

LandWare Holster Carrying Case
* adjustable straps
* item holder along with other wallet items
* had my phone number written on in-side - I'd blacked out

Calisle Carrying Case - leather
* like new, never used

Software Items:

Apple Messagepad 2100 Software - CDROM

Apple Connection Kit 2.0]
* Macintosh Floppies (3)

iambic Software - CDROM
* TimeReporter - include license in manual booklet
* ActionNames - includes license in manual booklet
* PaperPak - include license in manual booklet

* Lunar Lander Pro v2.0 - Windows floppy

* JigSaw Strategy - Macintosh floppy
* Newton Software Sample - Macintosh floppy

* Elegance Lite Bundle Version 1.01

Apple Newton Programmer's Guide
* book and CDROM in very good condition (never used)

UNNA.org May 7, 2001 CDROM Set (2)

Totally Incomplete CD-ROM for Newton

Insurance included in shipping; I'd added domestic and international
shipping calculators.

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

/los "I was a teenage net-random"
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