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Date: Wed Jan 02 2008 - 08:49:48 EST

Happy New Year, Greg!
I use my iMac at home to run old programs (Mangia recipe database), and
play bridge (Bridge Baron). I have a cheap internet connection at home,
and use the high speed network at work to do most of my mail, banking
and research.
My MP120 runs slowly and doesn't have a backlight, so I'm using it to
transfer material from the desktop machines (via its card).
I'm using the eMate for a book title database, to draft meeting agendas
and take notes at meetings, since I can type faster than I can use the
I'm using the 2100 for my day to day -- MPG for tracking fuel and car
expenses, DietLog to track nutrition and exercise info, Works for
spreadsheets and extensive note taking, and MoreInfo to link calls,
dates and notes. I really use the device as a Think Pad and like to
think out memos and project plans on it. I use the outliner a lot. I
reach for it in the evenings when I'm reading to jot down URLs, book
titles, and To Do items. I use it for grocery lists, tracking orders and
collecting interesting quotes from my reading.
But I don't worry about synching addresses or appointments. This is my
main machine for that info, and I don't attend so many meetings that I
can't comfortably enter them manually twice (once in Outlook and once in
the Newton).
I don't need one device to do everything and I have the luxury of not
having to be on the phone or internet all day. I love the Newtons and
use them all day long, every day. I use them more now then I did twenty
years ago, and am so grateful to the devoted programmers and enthusiasts
who have maintained the lists, archives and otherwise kept the Green
thing going strong.

From: Greg Hankins [mailto:ghankins@mac.com]
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Subject: Re: newton memory cards

Hi Wendy!

We're all Macs everywhere. So, personally, I have an iBook G4 and a
desktop eMac G4. I'm mostly interested in my MP2100 for names, calendar,
and maintaining lists for GTD. I need the additional memory, at this
point, mostly for playing around with the various syncing options out
there to see if one will work for me.

Syncing for me is complicated somewhat by the fact that we use at work
multiple named calendars in iCal to keep track of various schedules and
I'd like to keep all those on the Newton. My first shot at using NCX or
nSync (I forget which at the moment) to do this only got me my personal
calendar - not everyone's calendars.

I was successful using IC/VC to subscribe via the web to a test iCal
calendar, but ran out of memory when trying to download my much larger
personal calendar - possibly because I have too many repeating meetings
that run out into infinity. Once the memory arrives, I'm going to try to
play with IC/VC and subscription some more.

On the address book side, I think I need to clean up my Mac Address Book
entries a little bit to make them more compatible with the Newton - so I
am sure I am getting all the info I need transferred. (Again, the
Address Book is a company address book, not just my personal book.) I'm
not sure there is a true "syncing" program out there - i.e., one that
will recognize and transfer changes on both the Newton and laptop back
and forth. But I think have a work-around on that. When I make a new
address book entry on the Newton, I email it to myself. When that email
shows up on my laptop, I drag the card into AddressBook. Then, when I
sync later, I can safely let the laptop address book be the "master" and
replace the info in Names on the Newton, secure in knowing that my
addition won't disappear.

I think I have also discovered that the Newton and OSX AddressBook do
not deal with a "company" versus a "person" in the same way, so that may
need some attention.

I'm sure I could solve half these issues buy buying an iPhone, but I
really want the Newton's list-making functionality and HWR.

What do you use your Newtons for?


Greg Hankins
Happy Hank's Honey House
Mt. Gilead, NC


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