[NTLK] IRDA with BlackTalk

From: robinson <gaudo_at_terra.com.br>
Date: Wed Jan 02 2008 - 12:34:42 EST

Hello Folks

I received (at last) my Blacktalk registration code. Now I can "talk" with
my Newton thru my other devices.

I think it is some weird, but wait to Bob Ellison answer my emails need more
patience that I can handle.

So if someone are using BlackTalk too, maybe can help me with some issues.

On beginning, I tried to beaming to my PPC. It don't work. So I tried to
beaming to my wife's LifeDrive. OK. Works.

So I bought a Treo 650 for me. One day after, I tried again beaming to ipaq.


OK, now I have two smartphones and even if it seems a little bit OVER, it is

With BlackTalk I can send and receive beaming TXT files to and from PPC and
Palm OS. I can send Dates files to PPC and Palm, but not Tasks or To-Dos.

Names files can run OK, but not from PPC and Palm to Newton. How can I say.
the files came from them to Newton, but sometimes the phone numbers are not
there when I open Names. I should discover where I have to save the phone
number to Newton recognize it (on cel or fax or work fields.).

But I have a problem to send Notes files to Palm. The Palm Os device always
wants to save the note on Memos, and this app can't handle big files. How
can I send it to Documents to Go? Anyone can tell me how?

Another issue: can I send all my contacts (all at the same time) from PPC or
Palm OS to Newton by BlackTalk? Or I have to make it one by one?

I use More Info and should be great if I can transfer my AT A GLANCE to/from
PPC or Palm OS in "one touch".

Is it possible?

Another issue: I can install a pkg with infrared, from PPC or Palm OS,
sending the file to my MP2100?


After all, I think now - with Blacktalk - my Newton is more powerful than


Cheers for all



Newton MP2100 - Jornada 568 - Treo 650 - ipaq HW6495 - Pencentra 200


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