Re: [NTLK] auto charger

From: Ao Loo <>
Date: Thu Jan 03 2008 - 08:00:58 EST

I have the Newton 12v charger that BTI once made. I agree with Sonny,
that your money is better spent with an inverter. Inverter prices are
quite inexpensive now and with an inverter purchase, you can use it
with any of your other ac chargers - cell phone, gps, laptop etc. A
short coming of the BTI charger is the 7W rating . Clearly it was made
before the 2100 and the 9W rating. This means that it will only charge
in the car if you are not using your 2100. If you are using your 2100,
it stays where the power was when you started - neither gaining or losing.


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