[NTLK] MacWorld Predictions

From: Greg Hankins <ghankins_at_mac.com>
Date: Sat Jan 05 2008 - 13:41:18 EST

Hi All!
MacWorld's prognosticators seem to see something Newton-like on the
near horizon. The article is here:


Andy Ihnatko writes:

> I’m fairly sure that 2008 will see an entire new platform. The
> iPhone is a phone, and the iPod touch is an iPhone without the
> phone stuff. The next i-Suffix will be a totally new thing. Not a
> Mac… not really. An iPhone, kind of, but sort of not. Take the
> screen off a MacBook and slice it in two vertically. That’s the
> device. It’ll play media—including Office documents, PDFs, and e-
> books—from its 16GB of flash storage. It’ll have Wi-Fi and the
> Safari browser… maybe even 3G or EDGE, as with an iPhone. It will
> secure-tunnel back to your home Mac or PC, and you’ll be able to
> use this thing to access any resources you might have left behind.
> It will put every digital resource you have at your fingertips, in
> one compact black slate.

John Moltz writes:

> Look out, ModBook: Apple will release a tablet device with pen-
> based input capability. Strangely, the device will be called “The
> First Person To Call It a Newton Gets Socked in the Throat.”


Greg Hankins
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