[NTLK] Quickfigure Exchange

From: Robert P. Bruckstein <Robert.Bruckstein_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Tue Jan 08 2008 - 14:38:21 EST

When trying to transfer a spreadsheet from Quickfigure (Newton) to
Excel (on my Powerbook) I get an error message that is is having
problems. In the Quickfigure manual troubleshooting section it says I
need to make sure that "Break on all exceptions is turned off". This
is done by:

-Open the Excel tools, then Options and select the Module General Tab.

I cannot find the Excel tools or Options, etc.

Does anyone know where they are or how to do this?

My setup is:

Newton 2000 upgraded to 2100
Quickfiugre 3.1 on the newton.

Powerbook G3 bronze keyboard, MacOS 9.2
Microsoft Office 98 (also tried 2001 with the same results)
Quickfigure exchange installed (3.1)

Connection is serial via USB and Keyspan USB/Serial adaptor

I Can send spreadsheets from the Powerbook to the Newton (the
connection works) but not the other way.

Any help is appreciated.


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