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If its working at all then this has to be a software related issue. The other thing you can try is to uninstall all the software except the software required for driving the bluetooth and networking. i have actually been very careful in the software i select for the card so that there is no conflicts that arise from that software however perhaps i missed something. have you also tried contacting newtontalk at and asking them your question, im sure that out of the many people on the list someone has already gone through and solved the problem you are having? i have to be honest, i dont use the bluetooth method to regularly transfer date to and from my newton, i use serial. the speed boost will not effect it either way, it doesnt matter if its on or off. The error messages you are receiving are documented online to determine what they are but more often then not, the decription of the error message is as criptic as the number itself, generally pointing to some aspect of the hardware but
 hard to fix. NOTE: The beaming will only work with the speed boost off. it was not designed to handle the faster speed.
I have copied this email to newtontalk, i am hoping some knowledgeable person on the list will be able to help you out further.

Thank you
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  I followed all the instructions for the blunt set up and went over and over their stuff with some limited success, under bluetooth setup, preferences, test, (which is supposed to reset the card), an error message usually comes up that no card can be found. I've made sure all the software is on internal, that the location is correct (top pc card), tried both the pico driver and the Generic driver, tried different speeds. Anyway even thought the newton says there is no card I can easily discover other devices, pair and send files to my MacBook from the Newton. However I cannot send files from the computer to the newton even though the developers website has instructions for sending from apple OSX to the newton, which I have followed. I have also tried to send using the IR but always get an error message when I tap on Beam, (-8007), when I close that error message I always get another one after, (-48201). I have tried all of the above with the speed boost turned on as well as trying it all with it turned
 off. I have also tried pushing the reset button on the back of the unit. Do you suspect this is hardware or software related. Although I have been enjoying learning to use the unit and I see great potential for productive work with it, but I do need to be able to transfer data back and forth for this to work for me. Anyway, how do we find out if these problems I've been having are hardware or software related and what should I do now?


  Ross Casswell

  On 7-Jan-08, at 9:58 AM, Knowledge Navigator wrote:

    Hello Ross,

    the switch under the serial port door is what controls the speed boost implant. you can tell when its on in that any sounds from the unit come in more high pitched and the unit is noticeably more responsive. this should not be effecting the bluetooth however. My recommendation would be to move the bluetooth required files from the memory card onto your unit. you can get a list of whats required at the creators website follow his instructions or the ones here and that should get you up and running. i know that certain files for networking MUST be installed on the internal memory of the unit in order to function.

    Other then that, im really glad that everything arrived and your happy with the unit, im always here for assistance but its sometimes more difficult over email but i will do my best to explain things to you clearly. i would also recommend joining newtontalk at and they are also a great source of assitance. if you had a pleasent experience purchasing from me please also share this with the site.

    Email me if you have any other questions.

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